Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Came Home to Pure Goodness!

Good Thing #1: My ALQS2 Quilt Came from my partner, Susan. I LOVE it! It's a mixture of batiks and other fun, bright fabrics...Isn't it awesome? I can't wait to find the right spot for it!

Good Thing #2: Susan sent an adorable pin cushion and some green & blue fabric squares along with the quilt. Bonus!

Good thing #3: My husband was cooking dinner when I walked through the door. Doesn't he look cute standing over the stove?

After our UTTERLY BIZARRE* day yesterday, today was filled with PURE GOODNESS!
* A long story about a bite of chicken, the VA Medical Center, and a 500 mile trip to Little Rock...all for naught.
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Gina said...

what a great quilt.
How did you get your hubby to cook. Mine only goes in the kitchen when he wants a biscuit.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jo said...

ALL guys look cute standing over the stove! Imagine how good looking they would get if they did it every night??? And if they learned how to sprinkle pepper just inside the skillet instead of inside and all around the outside? And if they did the dishes too!!! Do such men exist??? Ah, well. At least we get cute over the stove now and then. I enjoy your blog!