Saturday, September 12, 2009

hint hint...

Hosting my very first giveaway over at fabricgasm....

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So I felt the need to start a new blog...
And if the name makes you uncomfortable, I'm really, really sorry. But there was just no other way to describe the sheer joy I get from fabric. See what you think and tell me if you think I'm crazy....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are you guys watching?

Because I sure am!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I finally have curves!

I just tried a curved pattern for the first time for Krista's month in Bee Inspired. I was a little nervous about this, but I used this tutorial which worked perfectly...

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Host a Swap...Without Going Insane

One of our swap participants asked that I blog about the actual process of managing the swap. It seems complicated, but really it's very straitforward, and anyone can do it.'s how it worked...

  1. I co-hosted the swap with my sister-in-law, Wendy. This was nice because it cut down on the work for one person. She coordinated all the sign-ups and sent instructions to everyone. I received all the fabrics, distributed them, and will mail them out.

  2. We had 20 participants (including ourselves) who each sent 20 4 inch squares of 10 different patterns (total of 200 squares from each person). Each person will get 200 squares back, but with 200 different patterns. So, just remember that the amount of fabric people send will be the same amount that they get back.

  3. This meant that I was collecting 4,000 pieces of fabric which seems overwhelming, but really, it was just a matter of storing them until I was ready to distribute. Whenever I got a package in the mail, I'd mark the person down, and stash their squares in my very sophisticated storage system...

  4. Once I received everyone's squares, I started the process of distributing them into 20 different stacks. Starting with the first pattern...

  5. And going through all 200 different patterns...I'm sure there are lots of ways to do this, but by doing it all at once, and one pattern at a time, I could be sure that each person got every single pattern. This took a LOT longer than I thought it would. About 4 hours. But I got to touch every single piece of beatiful fabric, so that made it worth it :)

  6. We also asked each swapper to send a self-addressed stamped envelope with their fabrics. This made it MUCH easier to package the squares up to send out.

And tomorrow I will head to the post office!

So that's pretty much it! Not so scary, huh? This was my first swap to host and it has been a great experience! I highly recommend it!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

And then there were 4,000!

It's official...I have 4,000 squares of novelty fabric in my house! Here are the last three sets...Hopefully I'll have everything divided up and ready to ship on Monday. Also, I had a request to do a blog post about the process of hosting a swap in a semi-organized fashion. Stay tuned.

On to the important stuff...

Gina from TX sent these in...aren't those lips cool?

(Public Service Announcement: My camera is off. way off. It needs to go to the camera graveyard. That cute froggie is actually on HOT PINK fabric.)
Anna from WA sent these...*Gasp*

And are my picks. This was my first time to shop specifically for novelty fabrics and it was SO MUCH FUN! When else do you have a reason to buy singing pigs or wiener dogs?
So that's on to make some sense out of this craziness!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bundles of Love

Or as I'm calling it..."Purge for Peace"...

I ran across this blog about 30 minutes ago. The woman's husband is in Iraq and is collecting bundles of fabric supplies to hand out to Iraqi women who can use the items to make a living. Um - yes! Sign me up!

So in less than 30 minutes I gathered up a stack full of supplies that will soon be on their way to the middle east...

  • Several yards of solid fabric that didn't make it into my "Bee Inspired" quilt
  • Lots of extra fat quarters left over from the vintage sheet quilt I did last year
  • 4 balls of yarn from my crocheting days.
  • A pair of the 53 pairs of scissors living in my house
  • 3 spools of thread
  • Extra pins
  • Buttons & velcro
  • A few pieces of ribbon
  • A travel sewing kit filled with goodies

    And I even found an extra tote bag to bundle it together!

I don't even know where that bag came from...isn't crazy how much extra stuff we gather?

Go over to see Kristin if you'd like to will make you feel good, I promise!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Two More!

Deb sent these all the way from New Zealand...if I HAD to pick a favorite, it'd be those sheep!

And Donna sent these from PA...that red cardinal is most definitely my favorite!

And lastly, I have been resisting the urge to buy my own I-SPY fabrics until everything came in so that I could be sure I wouldn't buy a duplicate pattern. But today it happened...I reached my limit on self-control and I caved. I'll wait to post pictures, but get ready for some wiener dogs in sweaters!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

We're getting closer!

Dianah from CA sent these...

and her mom, Liz, sent these...and I really want to go to their fabric shop because some of these prints are amazing!

Next up...Gail from MO sent those frogs!

And Deanna from FL sent these...I spy flamingos!

And last, but not least, Annie from TX sent these...those hearts totally remind me of my childhood for some reason...

ALSO - Hosting does not come without it's rewards! Gail sent us some cute fabric and Whitney sent us some jellybeans! Those are Wendy's jellybeans in the picture...mine were eaten a long time ago. I'm pretty proud of myself for NOT eating Wendy's and never telling her that they were sent. Not that I thought about doing that...

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I now have 2,000 squares of fabric in my house...

And we're only HALF way there! Jeepers! Yikes! Holy fabric squares, Batman!

Bethany from NE and Andi from AZ sent the next two sets, and I'm embarrassed to say that in the excitement of ripping packages open and gazing upon piles and piles of adorable novelty prints, I totally lost track of which set came from Bethany and which came from Andi. Sorry, ladies. Fabric does funny things to me. I have so many favorites among these that I don't even know where to begin...

Mel from MO sent these...lots of fun boy prints in this group...

Jenna from IL sent these that bacon & egg print!

And my lovely cousin Monica from TX sent these...which marked her first trip to her local fabric shop! Good job, Monica! Those chili peppers totally make me think of you!

And last but not least my lovely sister-in-law and most-favorite co-host, Wendy, of "Sewing in the Wendy City" fame sent these boards are definitely my faves...

And that wraps up all the squares that are currently in my house. Here's to the next 2,000!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Horses and Hippos and Dice...OH MY!

I've received one package in the mail every day since Friday with I-SPY fun is that?

Katherine from Washington sent these...

Whitney from Ohio sent these...

and Natalie from DC sent these...

I know it's impossible to choose, but which ones are your favorites? I have a special place in my heart for chocolate chip cookies.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

I Spy a Swap - Set #1

Shirley from Missouri sent these. Aren't they cute? My camera is dying, so the colors aren't totally accurate...the horseshoes & buttons are actually on green backgrounds.
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I-Spy Swap Mailing Status

If you're participating in the I-SPY a Swap, please leave me a comment when you have mailed your fabrics. Also, please try to have your fabrics in the mail by August 1st. Thanks!

Here's a list of what has been received so far...
  1. Shirley from MO
  2. Natalie from DC
  3. Whitney from OH
  4. Katherine from WA
  5. Andi from AZ
  6. Mel from MO
  7. Bethany from NE
  8. Monica from TX (hey cuz!)
  9. Wendy from TX (the best co-host ever)
  10. Jenna from IL
  11. Dianah from CA
  12. Liz from CA
  13. Gail from MO
  14. Deanna from FL
  15. Annie from TX
  16. Donna from PA
  17. Deb from New Zealand
  18. Gina from TX
  19. Anna from WA
  20. Meredith house!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I SPY a Swap!

My sister-in-law and I are co-hosting a swap called....

{drum roll}

I-SPY a swap!

The details:

  • The first 18 people are in. Go to Wendy's blog to sign up...

  • Each person will send (20) 4" squares from each of 10 novelty fabrics (a total of 200 squares) to me by August 1st.
  • You will receive (200) 4" novelty squares (enough for 2 small I-SPY quilts or 1 large one). We’re hoping to send packages out by August 15th, but that depends on how long it takes everything to come to us.
  • Live outside the U.S.? No problem! Just try to get your fabrics to us a little earlier.

  • We'll post a list of participants' blogs on each of our blogs, so hopefully you'll go visit everyone's sites and leave some bloggy love, make some friends, and generally fill the world with peace and happiness.

  • Just because we like you, we’ll even draw up and post some patterns you could use for arranging the squares in order to get a certain sized quilt.

A few thoughts & guidelines on the fabrics…

  • Most fabric stores have a dedicated novelty fabric section. Generally these are fabrics with objects…animals, food, people, etc. It may help to think in terms of things you could use for the I-spy game. (I spy the letter G, I spy a sushi roll, I spy a monkey eating a banana, etc.)

  • In order to avoid duplicate patterns, go on a mission for some really obscure, hard-to-find prints that aren’t available at the chain retailers.

  • No team prints or licensed characters (SpongeBob, Dora, etc.) So, for example, a print with basketballs would be great, but a Dallas Mavericks print is not. Or a print with ducks wearing hats is great, but Donald Duck is not.

  • The object in the fabric should be distinguishable in a 3.5x3.5 square (which will be its finished size). Keep this in mind when choosing fabrics. Either go with small prints or be ready to fussy-cut.

  • You can get (20) 4" squares out of a 1/4 yard cut of fabric or out of a fat quarter. So you'll need to purchase at least 2-1/2 yards of fabric.

What is an I-Spy quilt? It's a quilt made with novelty fabrics. And it's a wonderful toy to play I-spy with. Great for traveling with kids or rest time or when you need something to occupy little ones. How to play? Take turns spotting something in the quilt, maybe "I spy, with my little eye, a frog in a tutu!" And then the first person to point out the tutu frog on the quilt goes next. And so on. Hours and hours of fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Win a watermelon! (quilt)

Well, it looks like I missed the deadline to get in on the giveaway action tomorrow. Darn! very-creative sister-in-law is much more punctual than me! Head on over to her blog tomorrow to win this adorable watermelon quilt...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted something on here, but I'm going to play the "I just bought my first house" card and not feel so bad about it! Anyhoo...I signed up for the Bee Inspired quilting bee hosted by Rachel, and so far, it has been great fun. I have made two blocks so far, one for Rachel and one for Dianah...

A Pinwheel for Rachel...

And a Vacation Home For Dianah...

AND, even more fun (for me), April was my month, so I have been getting all sorts of awesome blocks in the mail! This is my first quilting bee and I am definitely a fan! Here are the fabrics that I chose...

This is my inspiration quilt...

And as you can see from the Bee Inspired Flickr Pool, I am getting some awesome blocks! I even got a block from the famous Quilt Dad! This is so fun! Yahoo!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in the Saddle...

So part of the reason I had a huge lull in posting anything on here, is that I've had the quilt of death hanging over my head since mid-October. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, and it was supposed to be fabulous. This was my first major quilting disaster. It took way longer to get the top pieced than I thought it would, the colors did not come together like I had hoped, and when I began quilting it, I ended up with huge nasty wrinkles in the backing from not using enough safety pins. Since I had already missed the Christmas deadline, I decided this weekend to set it aside and allow myself to not care about it anymore. Perhaps I will fix it, perhaps I will rip it apart. Perhaps I will send it to my worst enemy. Either way, I have declared myself FREE!!!

In celebration I decided to try a little improv project tonight, and all of the sudden I remembered this whole quilting thing can be so satisfying. This is nothing like what I thought I was going to end up with, but I'm loving it.

I had a piece of embroidery that I did about 5 years ago that I decided to put at the center...

I used scraps for everything, and I think I'll make this into a pillow...since it matches our bed perfectly...which was not part of my plan. I guess that's why it's called improv...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the blogging business...

I just realized I haven't posted anything since November...YIKES. Here's a few things I've been up to since then...

* Finished quilting the Ranch Quilt
* Started a quilt for my dad that's giving me major problems. Lots of choice words being thrown around.
* Taught Brody to "Sit, Brody, Sit. Good Dog."
* BOUGHT A HOUSE...and it has been declared...I shall have a sewing room.