Friday, July 17, 2009

I-Spy Swap Mailing Status

If you're participating in the I-SPY a Swap, please leave me a comment when you have mailed your fabrics. Also, please try to have your fabrics in the mail by August 1st. Thanks!

Here's a list of what has been received so far...
  1. Shirley from MO
  2. Natalie from DC
  3. Whitney from OH
  4. Katherine from WA
  5. Andi from AZ
  6. Mel from MO
  7. Bethany from NE
  8. Monica from TX (hey cuz!)
  9. Wendy from TX (the best co-host ever)
  10. Jenna from IL
  11. Dianah from CA
  12. Liz from CA
  13. Gail from MO
  14. Deanna from FL
  15. Annie from TX
  16. Donna from PA
  17. Deb from New Zealand
  18. Gina from TX
  19. Anna from WA
  20. Meredith house!


Wendy said...

hey Mer, still cutting around here... do you think it would be possible to post a picture of each set as you get them? Would just be fun!

Natalie said...

Hi Meredith!! I put my squares in the mail yesterday so I hope they arrive soon. Looking forward to see what everyone puts into "the pot"

Katie Cogswell said...

Put my squares in the mail today. Post office thinks you'll get them by Monday. I prewashed my fabrics for squares. Can't wait to see all the squares!

Whitterbon said...

Just got back from the post office, so my squares are officially on their way, making the long trek from Cincinnati to Tulsa!

Sorry in advance for the mismatch of postage the postal worker insisted would be the best way to get my mini-box back to me... it was all just shoved in the top of the box and taped in before i could get in a word of protest!

All my squares are pre-washed as well and should be arriving early in the week!

Meredith said...

Natalie - got your squares today! LOVE the chocolate chip cookies fabric...and the converses!

Andi said...

My squares are in the mail! Can't wait to see all the fun quilts.

Steven said...

(This will say Steven but it means Annie) I sent my squares today! I put in 3 different race car fabrics...sorry about that. But I have had them in my scraps FOREVER and I figured a) there are different colored race cars and b) you can look for different numbers and letters on the race cars. Can't wait to start my first I-Spy quilt!!!

Jenna Z said...

I mailed my squares yesterday but had the worst experience I've ever had at a post office. I forgot my tape so I asked if the postal worked if I could either borrow some tape or if I could take it home to tape. She said she couldn't give it back to me since it already had postage on it. Fine, may I please use your tape? She couldn't find the tape so she put a (singular) priority sticker over the big gaping hole and said she'd tape it up later. I said I would really rather she tape it up while I was there so that I knew everything would be enclosed. She said there were other people in line behind me, taping was not a service they offered but because she was so nice she'd do it later and no, I could not do it myself. Ack! I hope it got taped up safely!

Gail :) said...

Meredith, I sent mine Priority mail just now :) Can't wait to get started!

Meredith said...

Jenna - I think that's where the term "going postal" comes from. So sorry! But I can't wait to see your fabrics!

Meredith said...

Jenna - you'll be happy to know that your postal lady was true to her word and DID put some tape over the singular priority sticker :)

Dianah said...

Just letting you know I mailed mine and my mom's(Mizz Lizzie) today. I am sorry for being late. You should have them Monday or Tuesday.

Michelle said...

Hi Meredith! I sent you an email, but I also wanted to reply here to let you know that I sent my squares off today. What great fabrics everyone has sent! I am so excited, and thanks again for letting me fill in at the last minute!!!

Gina said...

I hate being the last one! Deep apologies to all for holding up the game! I have sent my squares out, priority, and you should have them in a day or two.

Meredith said...

No worries, Gina!