Saturday, August 15, 2009

And then there were 4,000!

It's official...I have 4,000 squares of novelty fabric in my house! Here are the last three sets...Hopefully I'll have everything divided up and ready to ship on Monday. Also, I had a request to do a blog post about the process of hosting a swap in a semi-organized fashion. Stay tuned.

On to the important stuff...

Gina from TX sent these in...aren't those lips cool?

(Public Service Announcement: My camera is off. way off. It needs to go to the camera graveyard. That cute froggie is actually on HOT PINK fabric.)
Anna from WA sent these...*Gasp*

And are my picks. This was my first time to shop specifically for novelty fabrics and it was SO MUCH FUN! When else do you have a reason to buy singing pigs or wiener dogs?
So that's on to make some sense out of this craziness!


Wendy said...

yay! so cute! that means I need to finish up some projects so I can get started on these when they arrive... hmmm...

Mattandme said...

I'm so excited! I bought this soft blue cotton shower curtain and I was going to cut it up for another project, but its so soft I decided to save it to be the backing for my I Spy quilt- possibly quilts. I have a brother and a sister and I'm thinking I should make two smaller quilts for each of their kids, rather than one big quilt. I just can't wait to get the squares! :)