Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bundles of Love

Or as I'm calling it..."Purge for Peace"...

I ran across this blog about 30 minutes ago. The woman's husband is in Iraq and is collecting bundles of fabric supplies to hand out to Iraqi women who can use the items to make a living. Um - yes! Sign me up!

So in less than 30 minutes I gathered up a stack full of supplies that will soon be on their way to the middle east...

  • Several yards of solid fabric that didn't make it into my "Bee Inspired" quilt
  • Lots of extra fat quarters left over from the vintage sheet quilt I did last year
  • 4 balls of yarn from my crocheting days.
  • A pair of the 53 pairs of scissors living in my house
  • 3 spools of thread
  • Extra pins
  • Buttons & velcro
  • A few pieces of ribbon
  • A travel sewing kit filled with goodies

    And I even found an extra tote bag to bundle it together!

I don't even know where that bag came from...isn't crazy how much extra stuff we gather?

Go over to see Kristin if you'd like to will make you feel good, I promise!
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happy zombie said...

Oh I love your kit! I just did fabric, and now I wish I'd done mine like yours!